Bursa Cement Factory was established in 1969. Today, it still continues its mission by institutional identity. Some of contributions to the society and environment are;

Bursa Cement Factory has planted about 100.000 saplings since its establishment as a sign of its respect and sensitivity towards the environment which is one of its basic principles. Today, the area has the appearance of a special “Grove”. In addition, “30th Year Memorial Forest” was established in 1996 jointly with Regional Directorate of Forestry.

It contributes to the universities on their scientific research concerning cement. It still continues industrial-university collaboration and it always supports scientific researches.

Within the framework of social responsibility, many waste materials are incinerated in our rotary kiln by means of firing of solid and liquid wastes so Bursa Cement contributes to the environment directly.

A huge amount of fly ash which is waste of thermal power plant is used in cement as an additive so environmental pollution is prevented by using fly ash in cement.

Bursa Cement Factory Industrial Vocational High School was constructed in Kestel/Bursa by Bursa Cement in 1987.

Bursa Cement Factory Elementary School Library was built by Bursa Cement in 2008.

Bursa Cement provides cement assistance to schools which connected to the National Education Ministry.

A part of operating room of Bursa State Hospital was equipped by Bursa Cement.

Old Bursa Photographs which belongs to Bursa Cement are exhibited in Bursa’s schools alternately.