1. To be a part of our customers’ lives,

2. To create value for our shareholders, to achieve sustainability by working efficiently and effectively in our operations,

3. To contribute to society, environment, and national economy by focusing on energy efficiency,

4. To become a prestigious company in national and international cement industry,

5. To provide for the people’s need of safe housing,

6. In the process of development and evolution, to take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities of globalization,

7. To provide quality product and service in new and diverse fields by focusing on customer satisfaction,

8. With our experience of many years, to comply with occupational health and safety rules and standards in all our operations,

9. To encourage the creativity and participation of the members of Bursa Cement family.



To be a trusted, preferred, and prestigious company which adds value to the quality of its shareholders’ lives and maintains sustainability in its operations.