In every phase of our activities such as obtaining raw materials, production and services, Bursa Cement Factory is following the principle of sustainable development through environmental measures involving the most efficient use natural resources supported by technological innovations.
In the production lines, all the operations are executed in a closed system. Clinker is stored in a closed concrete silo and the material which is collected from the filtering systems is transferred back to the system again for preventing the dust emission in the dust sources.

2 electrostatic precipitators and 85 bag filters are installed in Bursa Cement Factory.

The waste licence certificate was received for firing waste oils as an alternative fuels in 2006. Later, contaminated waste, paint sludge, plastic wastes etc. were added to the scope of the licence. Bursa Cement offers to save fossil fuels like coal and helps to protect environment by using different wastes as an alternative fuels. It also creates advantage for reducing CO2 emissions.

Bursa Cement Factory contributes to the environment for protection of natural resources and elimination of wastes without harming by means of firing of solid and liquid wastes.

The different wastes which are called waste oil, contaminated waste, paint sludge etc. have been fired in Bursa Cement Factory Rotary Kiln in comply with legal requirements since 2006.

The additives which are used in cement like trass, fly ash etc. contributes to the environment via substitution of clinker by additives.

After the ESP(Electrostatic Precipitator) Conversion to Bag Filter Investment was realized, the dust emmission at Kiln stack is less than 10mg/Nm3