• To maintain sustainable cement production according to the national and international standards and regulations in domestic and foreign market since our foundation,
  • To control the risks to our environment and our shareholders at source using the best applicable technology,
  • To use energy efficiently,
  • To monitor each stage of our processes for continuous improvement,
  • To raise awareness by training our employees, to contribute to their professional and personal development,
  • To increase customer satisfaction through objective approach constitute Bursa Cement policy.

The basis of this policy comprise;

  • Maintaining sustainability in product quality by process measurements,
  • Sustainable use of natural resources, use of alternative goods and energy, preventing pollution by source control, recovery, and disposal of waste,
  • Achieving zero accident status by controlling the risks at source to prevent and cure occupational accidents and diseases and other diseases, thus establishing a healthy, safe, and efficient workplace environment,
  • Guaranteeing accessible, acceptable, and affordable energy supply and increasing energy efficiency by purchasing high efficiency machines and equipment,
  • Meeting the needs and requests of customers within legal regulations and conditions,
  • Communing with employees and always producing the best.